Durable Medical Supply

The mission of our company is to efficiently, compassionately and positively provide responsive, professional and caring service for our clients and their families.

Our goals are to provide the excellence of care, attention to patients and referrals on the basis of their individual needs, providing the best available durable medical supply products and services, using the best trained and caring staff in the tradition that we are known for.

We offer a range of high quality braces, splints, cryo based products and other medical supply products with the goal of relieving and reducing pain. Many of these products may be covered by insurance. Call us today (833) 816-6865.


Many products may be covered by insurance.
To learn if you are covered call us today.

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Let’s see if you qualify for a medically necessary brace or support which may be covered by your insurance provider.

Contact your physician, medical professional and insurance carrier concerning your medical necessity for these types of products and services. We do not guarantee coverage. Orders must be approved as medically necessary by your doctor or medical professional. Little or no cost with primary and supplemental insurance, and co-pays and deductibles apply. Your insurance must be eligible to qualify. Please call your insurance company or consult with your physician for other options for service. If you are not eligible for our services, we will advise on various other options to receive these products. Discounts and offers do not apply to Medicare, Medicaid and any Federally Funded Insurance.